Thursday, March 6, 2014

I'm back!!! And huge news!!!

Hello ladies! It's been forever. I think the last post I did was in December. My life has been crazy but all good kind of crazy. Since my last post I've been on two business trips each being a week long, and my biggest announcement I have for you is that my husband and I are expecting...and it's a girl! I'm 15 weeks as of today. I've been saving the news until we were really ready to share the news. We're so excited!! So now that I'm not traveling and I got my energy back I'm going to try and blog more. *Fingers crossed* here's a pic of the baby girl. 
So that's all I have for now. Until next time. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 2013 ipsy bag!!

Hello ladies!! My ipsy bag came today! I'm shock to of received it this fast usually I wouldn't have it til sometime next week so you go DHL and USPS big claps to them seeing how its Christmas time so I'm sure there work load has doubled. This months theme was celebration! That makes me think about celebrating the Christmas season. I love Christmas. 
This month we got 5 items. They spoiled us last month with 6. I'm happy with the things I got. 
The bag is a simple black bag that zips and is a darker pink color on the inside. 
Items I got
Andrea eyelashes
Be a bombshell the one stick in flustered 
NYX lipstick in shade goddess 
Pop beauty trip eye colors in smokin hot
Nail polish from starrily in bzzz bzzz 

I love lashes! These look great! 
I'm not going to open this cause it can be a gift for someone. I've been doing that with one item from each months bag and putting it aside untouched. 
This is such a cute little bottle. I will save this color before I wear it. Black and yellow just doesn't scream Christmas to me. 
This is a pretty nude color. I'm such a fan of NYX I can't get tired of seeing them in my bag no matter how cheap they already are. 
Ho! Ho! Ho! This all in one stick can be used on your lips, checks, and eyes... Maybe You can eat it too. Lol. Jk I see myself using this on my checks. It's such a pretty color. 
And again, that's everything in my December ipsy bag!! Do you have ipsy? If so, what did you receive in your bag? Until next time. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

November ipsy bag Glam it up!

Hello Ladies! So I got my November ipsy bag last night and I was 100% happy with everything I got. I was hoping for a perfect November bag seeing how my birthday is this month, on Sunday the 17th. This month we got 6 items and 5 of mine are full size. The bag is so cute I'm in love with it. So let me show you what I got.

Be a bombshell lip crayon in shameless (full size) $14.00
This lip balm is a pretty red/pink color. I like it, it goes on very smooth I just don't like the smell it have.
em mascara lash gallery in black (full size) $20.00
This month rocked because everyone received a full size em cosmetic some choices were mascara, lip stick, water liner, and lip balm. I'm glad I got mascara because I'm a mascara fan. I haven't used this yet I'm going to wait until some of the ones I'm using now run out, but I look forward to trying this.
Pixi beauty bronzer in summertime (full size) $18.00
Summertime is the darkest bronzer color, so I'm happy I got the darkest color. I haven't tried it on yet I'm going to wait and save it with the em mascara. I'm really trying to save up on an unopened makeup collection. This is a pretty color.
Starlooks eyeliner in Topaz (full size) $14.00
This is the 3rd full size starlooks product I've received from ipsy. One is an eye liner in black and the other is a pink lip liner. its a gem eyeliner and it does go on very soft. I like this one more then the black eye liner. It does have a metallic finish to it with some glitter.
Nailtini nail polish in champagne (full size) $13.00
This is a sheer polish. I love a sheer polish because I can get away with wearing a sheer color at work. Some people either got this beautiful goldish champagne color, like I did or a silver looking color polish. Im so happy I didn't get silver because I already have like 5 silver looking polishes from julep. Can't wait to try this color on.
Glam Glow exfoliate treatment deluxe sample size $19.00
Thanks so much for this one Ipsy because I cant see myself paying $19.00 for .5 oz or $69.00 for a full size one. This mas smells really good, its a very strong smell but smells good. This is a pretty good deluxe sample size I can get a few uses out of it..
So overall I'm really happy with this months bag. I only pay $10.00 a month for Ipsy so if your thinking about joining I would if I was you. Here's a special link that will take you to it. Its my referral code and if you join you will get a referral code as well... join ipsy here. oh and if your wondering here's November's ipsy bag total: $98.00!!! I saved $89.00!!! gotta love ipsy!
What did you get in your ipsy bag? let me know. until next time...

Monday, November 11, 2013

A lazy girls guide to applying eye shadow part 5

Hello Ladies!! Finally part 5 of the series, lazy girls guide to applying eye shadow. If your new to my blog I always say how much I hate to apply eye shadow because to me I always end up looking like a clown or either they just use too many shadow to try and achieve a look. you can read more about all that here. Now lets get started with part 5. This is a colorful look just like the last one but with the color purple and some gold glitter, because you can never go wrong with glitter! The purple and the gold glitter really went well together. It reminds me of wealth and being rich and best friends with the royal family. wouldn't that be cool. anyways I'm getting off topic.
                                                               Here's what I used:
                                                               be a bombshell shadow in mardi gras
                                                               bella terra shadow in emotion
                                                               j cat sparkling palette in suzie
                                                              starlooks eye liner in obsidian
                                                              and mascara

to get the look I started be applying the be a bombshell shadow all over my eye lids, then I added the bella terra shadow in emotion on my bottom lash line and top lash line as well making that outer sideways V shape on the outer corner of my eyes. Then to add some spice to the look I took the gold from the j cat palette and applied that to the center part of my eye lid. Then I added eye liner on the bottom of my lash line and added mascara and there you have it another completed lazy girl look!

I really enjoyed doing all these looks for you, now to think about what my next series should be. I'm thinking something to do with the lips because I love my lips. Also if you missed any of the other looks be sure to check them out. Let me know which look is more for you.

lazy girls guide to applying eye shadow
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

until next time...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

A lazy girls guide to applying eye shadow part 4

Hello ladies! OMG I can't believe part 4 is here already. I hope that you all have been enjoying my lazy girls guide to eye shadow series. If you missed any of them (click here) to check them out. So this fourth look is a colorful look. I went with a pink look because pink is my favorite color.

Products used:
Be a bombshell eyeshadow in always a bridesmaid
Be a bombshell eye shadow in miss priss
Be a bombshell blush in beach please
Mica beauty shimmer in earth
NYC lip balm
Sephora pink lip gloss 
The darker pink is named always a bridesmaid and the lighter pink is named miss priss. 

How I got the look
First start by applying always a bridesmaid to the center part of your eyelid and your bottom lash line. Then add miss priss to the  corners of your eyes. Once you've done that add earth with your fingers to the center part of your eyes, add black eyeliner and mascara and once again another lazy look is complete. 
Please excuse my skin it was a "teenager" this week and wanted to break out. Don't you just love when that happens. I thought the pink came out very well. 
I even added a pink hair bow to complete the look.

Silly face!! Make sure to come back for the conclusion of a lazy girls guide to eye shadow series. Until next time. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A lazy girls guide to applying eye shadow part 3

Hello ladies. Today I'm going to show you how to get that "party girl" look with the lashes and glitter all the lazy girl way. If you missed part 2 (click here) and if you happened to miss part 1 (click here) oh, and if your wondering why I'm doing a series (click here) I've been having a lot of fun doing/ showing you my lazy girl ways. This look may look hard but I promise it isn't.
Hahaha can't do a party girl look without doing the Miley Cyrus. Lol. I couldn't help it. I had do. Ok, this is what I used: 
Starlooks eye liner pencil 
Lashes in 201 black
Lash glue
NYX pink glitter eye liner
Urban decay moonspoon eye shadow 
Baby lips
Sephora pink lip gloss

How to:
Take the black eye liner and line the top of your lash line and take a smudge brush and smudge it out some just make it messy. Then take and do the bottom lash line, but only half way. Then take the urban decay moonspoon eye shadow and put that in the center of your lids. Apply your lashes and add the pink glitter eyeliner on the top and bottom lash line. Careful cause it is glitter. And once again your done. 
Another lazy smokey eye guide for a party girl. Look at them lashes, they're so long! I love them. 
This look has lots of glitter yet so simple and easy to do. 
With this look you gotta have "messy" hair. Lol. Just joking. Mine just came out looking like that. Anyways, I went with a pink  cause its girly and fits this look, doesn't take away from the eyes but yet you still notice it. 
Let me know if you do this look. I wanna know how it came out for you and where did you wear this look out to. This was probably my favorite one. I love glitter so this look was perfect. Don't forget to come back for the next look. Until next time.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A lazy girls guide to applying eye shadow part 2

Hello ladies! It's here! Part two of the series lazy girls guide to apply eye shadow. If you missed the first part (click here ) ok so lets get right into part two. This is a lazy natural eye look. I only used 3 colors. Remember this is the lazy girl guide so I won't use more then 3 different colors on a look, not including mascara or eye liner.
Products used:
NYX natural eye palette
Rimmel London scandal eyes bad girl bronze
NYX soft brown lip liner
Iman lip stick black brandy 
Pop beauty mascara brilliant black

And again if you don't have the same thing any color that comes close will work. 
How to:
Start by applying the Rimmel London bad girl all over your eye lid and bottom lash line. Simple so far right. Once you applied that all over the bottom lash line and your eye lid take the darkest color in the NYX palette and make that famous V shape on the outer corner of your eyes. Then take your fingers and blend that in. Then take that same color and line the top lash line. Since this is a brown look we wanna keep it soft. Black would take away from the whole look. Then take the color beside that darkest color and apply to the center of your lid and BAM! Your done.

Look two is complete of the lazy girls guide to eye shadow. I told you these looks are going to be crazy easy. So enjoy your new look and come back for look 3. Until next time.